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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Allrighters November Post

Hello everyone

Lack of a post for a few weeks does not mean there has been no activity.


Tony Riches has published The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham as a follow up to his successful book Warwick. I read and commented on both these as a beta reader.

Authors Online went out of business on 7 11 14. Shame as now one fewer all services self publisher to choose from.

One of the good writing contacts I made through Authors Online was Rodney Dearing from New Zealand. Sad news, I found out he lost his battle with cancer in July 2014.


Stop, start, progress on editing and restructuring. Good progress on the first book of Look – No Touch converting it from a draft which pleases me to one which may if I decide to publish please a reader. This appears to be the basic difference between what I have written in my draft million words and where I need to end up. Because I know all the stories in my head I need to restructure to convey that information to readers in each freestanding book despite them being interlinked.

Shakespeare story submitted for local writing group Christmas competition. Took far too much time.


Some good reads.

Freddie Forsyth Fist of God nearly went to the charity shop unread but I read the first few pages and then carried on. Interesting technical background of first Gulf War and Gerard Bull overcame my current thriller fatigue.

Pat Barker’s Regeneration. Viewing the horrors of WW1 from the diaries and writing of real characters.


Amongst others - Hard copies of books written by three of my writing contacts so supporting their efforts - MK Tod’s Unravelled, Angela Petch Never Forget and Nick Roteman’s Auburn. I have read the first two as e books but it is nice to have the feel of their books in my hands. Nick's book has an explosive start! He has a good track record of shocking and surprising his readers.


Pursuing my idea that for every book I buy - two must go - several bags of books have gone to the charity shops.


Another post on TIPM this time about a Welsh Book Buying Shopping Spree click to go to TIPM November

Other posts in draft Advent Thoughts and a Visit to Waterstones with a £500 book token.

Good writing and reading to you all.